• Aircraft & Defense industry
  • Use natural hand position
  • Non-reflecting surface
  • Standard MIL-specs design
  • Single or two part(s) construction
  • Rugged molded plastic grip
  • Fast switches replacement
  • Engraving & marking available
  • Choice of mounting type
  • Highly economic handle
  • Lightweight
  • RoHS compliant
  • Fixed-wing aircraft control
  • Rotary-wing aircraft control
  • Flight control
  • Flight simulators
  • MIL STD 810D /461
  • MIL DTL 25561B
  • RTCA DO 160E

G50 series

Cobra & B8 style Grip / Flight control handle

G50 series represents the most popular aircraft control-grip. Our molded composite plastic grips use a specific material for higher robustness and light weight. Optimized design allows easy maintenance and fast repair. Our custom configurations include 3 ergonomic heads, a variety of MIL switches and different termination styles.

G50 grips are pre-bored for an usual buttons integration (see table below). Upon request, we can customize your handle to integrate other types of electromechanical buttons & fixing elements.

 Contact our technical sales team about your requirements.