SCIP stands for Specialist of Control Interfaces & Positioning.

Although newly implanted in the US, our team has more than 15 years of know-how in the development and manufacture of military-grade control devices.

With a main focus on hand grips, joysticks, control wheels and other portable units, we provide solutions integrating a wide range of buttons and high-precision technologies such as strain gage, Hall-effect, optical and potentiometric. We also design custom-packaged for embedded electronic including communication interface and safety software.

With a strong experience built up upon the renewed trust and loyalty of the most reputable Aerospace, Defense and Military customers, we can offer controllers’ configurations ranging from standard to fully customized for the most demanding applications and the harshest environments.

We differ from our competition through our neat integrations, our development flexibility, our device optimization notably on reducing the fatigue of Use and competitive pricing all combined with high execution reactivity. We are also full committed to help our customers to create new opportunities.

We design and manufacture in Orange County, California.